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Fabric border selvage cutting machine

Fabric Selvage and border cutting Units;

Parihar Fabrication highly engage in producing high quality and high speed fabric border cutting machine since 1989.

Parihar Fabrication is exporter of fabric selvage and border cutting machine; we have highly skilled technique for border cutting called – Ultrasonic 400watt for cutting.

Some of feature of our machine  as follows;

Fabric selvage cutting machine

Fabric selvage cutting machine

  • 400 Watt power
  • 50 Khz
  • Operating voltage 230V, 240V, 110V
  • Aluminum generator carpentry
  • High tension input filter
  • Low tension front panel
  • Output signal display
  • Generator cooling fan
  • Generator dimension: mm 180x350x240
  • Anodized aluminum selvedge unit frame
  • Selvedge slitter with fast regulation, no tools needed
  • CE marked
  • WEEE compliant

In line ultrasonic cutting

Ready to be bolt on to looms, automatic slitters, inspection machines or any other type of automatic ultrasonic cutting.

Integrated converter cooling system.

Easy adjustement with fast regulation knobs.

High quality hardening treatment for longer sonotrode life.

·‬ Cut the fabric and seal the edge in a professional way

‪·‬ No more fraying

‪·‬ No toxic smoke

‪·‬ No fabric burnings or marks

‪·‬ Perfectly clean and smooth edges

‪·‬ Low Energy consumption, it works cold

‪·‬ No need to clean the blade

‪·‬ No warm up and cool down waiting time