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Fabric Butta Shearing Machine

Parihar Fabrication is widely developed Butta Cutting machine, Butta cutting fabric process two part; first process when uses Warp/Weft Butta cutting machine – in a process fabric goes to machine and design extra thread which may cut into two part; second process finishes fabric of extra thread which uses high suction from blower to fabric which may process and remove all extra tread from design and finishes fabric.

Fabric Shearing Machine



Fabric Rinse Shearing Machine
Spiral Blade with filecut 2MM – 16pcs from Schlenter (Germany)
Shearing Roller – EN8 105MM
Laser Blade from Atlas Engineering
Electric Control Panel Board (NC) Inverter Drive – Rotary speed
5HP/1440RPM AC induction motor for Spiral Blades
10HP/1440RPM AC induction motor for Impeller
5HP/1440RPM AC induction motor for Rotary Roll
Body Structure – 10M HRC Sheet
3NU Gear Box – 30:1 Ratio
Expanding Roll – 2 pcs 63MM
Rotary Roll – 1pc 150MM
Driving Roll – 10pcs – 63MM
Metal Detector – 1x
Approx. Weight for Machine – 2300KGS
Production Capacity – 50000mtr/24hrs
Area Required – 40ft(l)x20(w)x20ft(h)
All motor are from WEG Electric India Private Limited for smooth operations
Power Required – 440v/50hz/3ph